Physical Vosaic

Physical Interactive Art.


Imagine instant digital and physical mosaics, formed in real-time at events. Attendees can use Instagram, Twitter, on-site Vogue Photo Booth and more to automatically upload to the mosaic. A mosaic masterpiece is created using a high-tech algorithm. Guests are able to take part in user-generated content, creating an investment in the final product.

A physical setup creates a hands-on interactive experience.


The photos automatically print as stickers, allowing guests to choose their place in the mosaic board. Hand placing images in the physical format allows for users to take part in content generation and creation. This option is best paired with a Vogue Photo Events photo unit, but it can also pull images from social media channels and event photographers.


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As you seek out new high tech, innovative ideas and guest experiences keep Vogue Photo Event's Vosaic Photo Mosaics in mind. Remember the end result: A memory that records your event captured and executed in a timeless way with a special Vogue twist!.

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