Digital Vosaic

Digital reveal for interactive art.

Digital Photo Vosaic 
Using twitter, social media, hashtag, on-site, Vogue Photo Events Photo booth and more to automatically upload to the Vosaic photo mosaic rental to be revealed on a digital display in real time..

A mosaic masterpiece is created using a high-tech algorithm. Guests are able to take part in user-generated content, creating an investment in the final product on whichever medium you choose.

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The digital format utilizes a projector or digital television display. Guests will see their photos find their place in real-time. Throughout the creation of the final image, attendees will witness the overall image come to fruition. This option thrives with the Hashtag Mosaic approach.

Think of it like a live Twitter feed – the post goes up online and quickly finds its place in the visible entity at the event.

Click here to see an example of a digital mosaic

Here at Vosaics, we also design the photo and hashtag mosaic experiences to reduce stress for those responsible for planning and execution of the program. Our experts will handle installation, design, set up, pack out, and transport:

  • Posh Units are lightweight and portable, perfect additions to any event.

  • Vogue Photo Event units can be adapted to reflect your theme or company image, fluidly fitting into the space.

  • If necessary, we provide experienced technical support throughout the event. Any issue that arises can be quickly addressed, relieving worry for event planners.

  • Brand ambassadors also aid in providing guests with the best image circulation experience. They can help manage and control the kiosk and mosaic while providing expert knowledge on Vosaics processes.

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